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Policy Title: Intellectual Property--Copyrights and Patents Category: Academic Affairs/Faculty
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Original Effective Date: 6/14/2000
Last Revision: 6/14/2000
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Inventions, Academic Materials, Publications, and other creations, hereafter referred to as Works, are the natural outgrowth of activity in teaching, research and service. University academic faculty members, administrative professionals, state classified staff, student employees, and anyone affiliated in a professional capacity with the University and using University Resources, who are inventors and creators (hereafter referred to collectively as "Members"), shall provide notification of their creation of Works to appropriate administrator(s) and indicate their association with the University in all professional publications.
The full policy may be found in Section J of the Academic Faculty and Administrative Professional Manual, “Rights and Responsibilities Related to Creative Works."

Acceptance of the terms of the Colorado State University policy on Rights and Responsibilities Related to Creative Works is a condition of employment for all University employees. The policy states that academic materials, publications, technical discoveries, invention, and other creative works of commercial importance resulting from the teaching, service, and research or investigation, conducted by University employees with the support of University resources shall become the property of the University or its designee.

Additional guidance for investigators in sponsored programs is set forth in Section XI of the Principal Investigators’ Manual by the Office of Sponsored Programs.



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