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Policy Title: Domestic Partners Benefits Category: Human Resources
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Original Effective Date: 1/1/2009
Last Major Revision: 4/15/2015
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All benefits-eligible academic faculty and administrative professional employees are eligible for domestic partner benefits beginning January 1, 2009.


Faculty members and administrative professionals with specific appointment types are eligible for certain benefits as provided by the University with the approval of the Board. Such benefits may include a retirement plan, medical coverage, dental coverage, disability insurance, tax-sheltered annuities, and other such benefits. These benefits may include coverage for immediate family members and domestic partners. Such benefits are subject to change by the University with the approval of the Board. All employees, including state classified personnel, are eligible for domestic partner benefits under the tuition scholarship program (see Tuition Scholarships).


The Board of Governors approved the following action on October 1, 2008:

[A]ll benefits and privileges extended to spouses and dependents of eligible faculty and administrative professional appointees are extended to bona fide domestic partners, both same and opposite gender, and their dependents, of eligible faculty and administrative-professional appointees. The May 1995 Resolution wherein the Board retained the authority to approve any and all Personnel policies of the Institutions is hereby amended to delegate to the President the authority to prescribe the document(s) to be required for establishing a bona fide domestic partner relationship and to implement this action as appropriate and with the approval of the Office of the General Counsel. This authority includes making the necessary changes to manuals, handbooks, plan documents, and other materials. This change in policy will be effective January 1, 2009.

In addition, the Board approved domestic partner benefits for the Tuition Scholarship Benefit for eligible family members in June, 2011. See the Tuition Scholarship Policy.



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