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Policy Title: Holding Public Office Category: Human Resources
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Original Effective Date: 3/17/1980
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The purpose of this policy is to set forth the requirements and conditions of employment for employees contemplating candidacy for elective political office or appointment to public office.


Faculty and Administrative Professionals

Academic Faculty/Administrative Professional Manual sec. D.7.9 Holding Public Office (last revised June 22, 2006):

  1. Holding public office is defined herein as holding a governmental position of an appointive or elective nature whether or not compensated.
  2. A faculty member or administrative professional contemplating candidacy for either elective or appointive public office must so inform the appropriate University supervisor. A determination will be made as to whether or not a temporary suspension of some or all of the individual's responsibilities is necessary and if so whether such suspension can be accommodated without seriously impairing the function of the department or unit.
  3. If the contemplated candidacy should require extensive campaigning, special leave (see Section F.3.14) must be requested. Prior approval of the Board is required for all full-time or part-time leaves of absence. Other changes in employment related to holding public office also require prior approval. Depending on the type of change and the type of appointment held by the individual requesting approval, Board approval may be required, of the approval authority may have been delegated to the President by the Board (and the approval authority may have been further delegated by the President to the Provost or vice president for the administrative unit under his or her authority).
  4. If a faculty member or administrative professional holds public office, there must not be a duplication of University salary and salary monies from the public agency (honoraria, travel monies, and per diem allowances are allowed except as limited by appropriate statutes or regulations). If it is determined that the duties of the public office prevent the individual from meeting his or her obligations to the University, an appropriate adjustment in the individual's pay will be made whether or not the individual draws compensation from the public office.
  5. When the public office (e.g., a school board or an advisory body or regulatory commission) held by a faculty member or administrative professional does not substantially interfere with one's ability to discharge University duties, no reduction of salary or change of status will be necessary. Decisions on questions concerning changes in salary or employment status will be based on the ability of the individual to continue to give full service to the University.

State Classified Personnel

The State of Colorado, Department of Personnel & Administration, State Personnel Employee Handbook provides:

Political and Employee Activities

While you may participate in political activities subject to state and federal laws, no state facility or resource can be used for this purpose. State employees also may not campaign actively for any candidate on state time or in any manner calculated to exert the influence of state employment.

You have the right to join any employee organization. Solicitation of members is not allowed during work hours without prior approval of your appointing authority.



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