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Policy Title: Building Rewiring Category: Information Technology
Owner: Vice President for Information Technology Policy ID#: 4-1018-002
Academic Computing and Networking Services
Web: https://www.acns.colostate.edu/
Phone: 970-491-5133
Original Effective Date: 7/21/2005
Last Revision: 7/20/2019
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This document contains policies and procedures for rewiring buildings for communication services. The need to improve networking infrastructure at CSU was identified in the 1996 Change and Reform process as recommendation 3.AS.12, and consisted of two parts: that buildings should be rewired to minimum standards, and that the network be supported by additional staff. Since that time, most buildings have been rewired using a combination of capital construction funding, funding from Facilities projects, flood recovery funds, central funds and departmental funds. Unfortunately, funding at past levels is no longer available. This policy is adopted to ensure that the limited resources that continue to be available for building rewiring are used most effectively. The Vice President for Information Technology (VPIT) is responsible for overseeing this policy..


  1. Buildings are to be rewired to the most current standards available at the Telecommunications web site (see Telecommunications Standards).
  2. Buildings which are candidates to be rewired shall be prioritized as follows, subject to available funding: 
    1. ACNS will perform a preliminary prioritization of candidate buildings, including such evaluative metrics as network traffic, academic need, research need, network need, and physical facility issues.
    2. The ITEC Advisory Committee (IAC) will review the ratings and adjust them as appropriate. Final candidate buildings must be approved by a majority vote of the IAC.
  3. Telecommunications shall work with the building occupants to design the physical networking infrastructure, including number and locations of telecommunications rooms, number and location of cabling raceways, and number and location of data drops. The Director of ACNS is responsible for ensuring that the design conforms to campus standards and is consistent with the needs of the building occupants (particularly in terms of number of jacks). Should the occupants desire additional jacks, they must be funded by the building occupants.
  4. Networking electronics shall provide a minimum of 1,000 Mbps switched capacity to the wall jack and conform to the make and model specified by ACNS. Capacities exceeding 1,000 Mbps to the wall jack are the responsibility of the department to fund. ACNS will provide the design of the networking electronics to be approved by the building occupants.
  5. ACNS is exclusively responsible for configuration and operation of all networking switches. Local staff may, at the discretion of ACNS and solely upon their approval, be engaged to add, remove or reconfigure connections to the ports on the switches.
  6. Occupants of the buildings to be rewired are responsible for funding the edge networking electronics that connect to the wall jacks/users. This aspect of the policy is intended to reserve the limited funding available for building rewires for upgrade of the physical networking infrastructure, so that more buildings can be rewired over time. Should multiple departments/units occupy the building, the total costs of the electronics shall be pro-rated in proportion to the number of jacks serving the individual departments.
  7. The occupants of the building to be rewired shall affirm their commitment to the physical networking design, including any additional jacks to be funded by the occupants, by initialing the design documents prepared by Telecommunications. 
  8. The occupants of the building to be rewired shall confirm their commitment to fund the edge networking electronics with ACNS. This confirmation may be in the form of an email affirmation to the Director of ACNS. 
  9. Should the building occupants not affirm their commitment to the design, including any additional jacks to be funded by the occupants, or their commitment to fund the networking electronics, the building will not be rewired, and ACNS and Telecommunications will proceed to the next building to be rewired in order of priority. 
  10. Building occupants will be responsible for no costs for rewiring the building other than the costs of the additional jacks (optional) and the costs of the networking electronics. However, there may be costs of network interface cards to make computers compatible with the new network, and building occupants are responsible for those costs. 
  11. Building occupants shall continue to be responsible for the costs of networking services, including applicable monthly and annual charges.

Questions regarding this policy should be addressed to the Vice President for Information Technology.


Approved by ITEC July 21, 2005

Revision Approved by Rick Miranda, Provost/Executive Vice President on July 20, 2019



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