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Policy Title: Graphic Standards and Licensing Category: Administration
Owner: Vice President for External Relations Policy ID#: 5-6025-002
Communications and Creative Services
Web: http://ccs.colostate.edu/
Email: ccs_receptionist@Mail.Colostate.edu
Phone: (970) 491-4907
Original Effective Date: 1/1/1987
Last Major Revision: 12/18/2014
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It is important that the University community is consistent with how it identifies and defines the Colorado State University brand. To achieve this, the University mandated the creation of the Graphic Standards program in 1987.


Any use of the name, symbols, graphics and marks must be approved as follows and must adhere to the the guidelines published by the Department of Communications and Creative Services and in the Colorado State University Style Guide.

Commercial Vendors and Manufacturers

Only officially licensed vendors may apply the university name, symbols, graphics and/or marks to products. Visit the Our Brand page for detailed guidelines and information on becoming licensed.

On-Campus Communications and Products

University students, staff and members of the faculty or staff should review the information below prior to initiating projects that use the institutional name, symbols, graphics and/or marks.


The Graphic Standards website provides the guidelines for use of the specific communications components that represent the University: the University name, tagline, trademarks and logos, positioning statement, and other marks. These components may be used only by official University entities and by commercial enterprises that enter into a licensing agreement with the University. This website is designed to help the Colorado State community use these components in an accurate, consistent, and responsible manner.

The Colorado State Style Guide provides a set of standards to be used by University communicators to build a consistent, clear, and positive image of the University in the minds of our constituents. It includes detailed information on the brand, use of the logo, colors, and typography.

Web page content presents an image of the University to the world, and therefore official University pages must undergo the same professional scrutiny and careful preparation given to any other official University publication. All new websites must comply with current web standards and guidelines. Colleges and all units involved in student recruitment should be working toward full compliance. Questions about the standards and guidelines should be directed to the Department of Web Communications.


Colorado State University Style Guide

Central Communications Policy



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