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Policy Title: Land, Real Estate, Development Category: Administration
Owner: Vice President for University Operations Policy ID#: 5-6001-002
Facilities Management
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Original Effective Date: 4/21/2005
Last Major Revision: 1/5/2015
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The purpose of this policy is to delegate administrative responsibility for land activities, including acquisition and lease of property by University entities, is delegated to the Office of Facilities Management. For policies and procedures, see the Financial Rules and Procedures Instruction Manual; the Campus Facility Use Manual; and the Purchasing Manual.


When the Board of Governors (BOG) works with other entities (non-CSU programs, meaning those that do not come under the jurisdiction and authority of the BOG, including private ones), for the use of BOG real property, the relationship does not include shielding the entity from interaction with the City and/or County, as the case may be, from appropriate design approvals, utility and development fee payments, and taxes. The BOG has the right and responsibility to make decisions on the use of CSU land. Where surrounding property and other governmental entities may be affected, the need to inform and consult with such entities shall be an important consideration.

It is not the intent of CSU to directly, or indirectly, allow development by non-CSU entities on BOG land that would allow circumvention of City and County review and approval procedures and development fees. The “development fees” need to consider not only those that the City might charge, but also what CSU might charge to the project, for those that connect through CSU utility systems, thereby consuming some of the capacity CSU has already purchased.

Private and any other non-CSU entity: The CSU policy will be that the individual entity must work through the University and the City and County, as appropriate and required, to address the issue of development fees and their assessment. The University must be involved in these discussions to assure that plans for utility connections and other land use issues are appropriate. However, the University will not negotiate appropriate development fees for the entity with the City or County. The University will require this of all non-CSU programs. Furthermore, any construction/renovation plan submission and approval requirements of the City or County, as appropriate and required, would go through the University to the City or County. However, such transmittal to the City or County by CSU will specifically indicate that “this material is being supplied through CSU by (the entity) solely on behalf of the private/non-CSU entity and shall not be deemed to involve any subjection by CSU of the subject property to the jurisdiction of the City of Fort Collins or Larimer County.”


Lease Agreements, Rent, and Use Charges Policy (Financial Rules and Procedures Instruction Manual, FPI 4-8)

Board of Governors Policy Manual, Policy 207:CSUS Board Real Estate Investment Funds Policy



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