CSU Policy: Records Retention (Non-Student Records)

Policy Title: Records Retention (Non-Student Records) Category: Administration
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Last Revision: 5/17/2016
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The Colorado State Archives & Public Records Act governs the retention, archiving and destruction of University documents. To comply with the State Archives and Public Records Act, it is necessary that all documents pertaining to the business of the University - paper and electronic - be retained, archived or destroyed, as appropriate.


The CSU Records Management and Retention Policy sets forth policies on retaining official University records under federal and state laws and regulations. Its objective is to help assure that CSU departments and officials preserve and retain official University records in a manner which meets all applicable legal requirements, best serves the public interest and minimizes cost. Legal and policy requirements include those derived from the State of Colorado, Department of Personnel and Administration's (DPA) Records Management Manual that are directly applicable to records management at the University; the CSU Financial Procedure Instructions, Rule 10; and those applicable to particular records, such as federal laws relating to education records covered under FERPA and records related to publicly-funded research.


Rule 10 - Record Retention

Colorado State Archives Records Mgt Manual--Schedule 7, State Agency Financial Records

Colorado State Archives Records Mgt Manual--Schedule 8, Higher Education Records


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