CSU Policy: Bicycles

Policy Title: Bicycles Category: Public Safety/Risk Management
Owner: Vice President for University Operations Policy ID#: 6-6023-002
University Police
Web: http://police.colostate.edu/
Phone: (970) 491-6425
Original Effective Date: 2/1/2005
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1.      Registration: All bicycles (bikes) operated or parked on the Colorado State campus must be registered with the CSU Police Department (CSUPD). Exceptions will be made for bicyclists who are visitors to campus. A registration decal, known as a CSU Bicycle License, will be provided for a fee and will remain valid for as long as the bike is in possession of the registered owner.

2.      Regulations: Every person riding a bicycle (bike) is required to obey the same applicable traffic regulations as the driver of an automobile, including those set aside specifically for bicycles. Bicyclists and skateboarders are also required to obey all traffic control devices specific to this campus. Pedestrians have the right-of-way on all sidewalks and crosswalks. When riding at night anywhere on campus, bicycles must be equipped with a light that is visible for a distance of 500 ft. Anyone planning to keep or regularly use a bike on campus should familiarize themselves with the CSU Bicycle Regulations.

3.      Prohibition on Bikes in Buildings: Bicycles may not be carried into or stored inside University buildings at any time.


Wheeled Conveyances, Indoor Use of

Bicycle Regulations

CSU Traffic Regulations

Colorado Driver and Motorcycle Handbook

Bicycle Traffic Education and Enforcement Program (BEEP)

FORM: Bicycle Registration Form

Campus Community Bicycle Advisory Committee (CBAC)


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