CSU Policy: Elevators

Policy Title: Elevators Category: Public Safety/Risk Management
Owner: Vice President for University Operations Policy ID#: 6-6030-002
Facilities Management
Web: http://www.fm.colostate.edu/
Email: fac_pg_shared_dispatch@mail.colostate.edu
Phone: (970) 491-0099
Original Effective Date: 1/1/1995
Last Major Revision: 11/24/2014
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Colorado State University owns and operates a number of elevators for the purpose of transporting passengers and freight within University buildings. This policy outlines maintenance and emergency response plans for continued operation.


Colorado State University owns and operates a number of elevators for the purpose of transporting passengers and freight within University buildings. The policy of Colorado State University is to:

  1. Maintain or cause to be maintained all University-owned or leased elevators in a manner which assures the safety of all passengers and which complies with safety standards.
  2. Provide timely, competent emergency response to elevator-related emergencies, such as occupants stranded in elevators.

Emergency Communication Devices

Facilities Management has or will install emergency communications devices in all University passenger elevators. For elevator emergency communications to be completely operational, elevators must contain an activation device that can sound an alarm, plus the necessary wiring to convey the alarm to a monitored station. All emergency elevator communications installations will comply with ADA standards.

Prosecution for False Alarms

Elevator emergency alarms will be signed in English and Braille as follows:

“For Emergency Use Only - This Call Button Rings Directly to University Authorities. Activating a false alarm will result in prosecution.”

Parties found guilty of intentionally initiating false alarms may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Penalties may affect, but are not limited to:

  • Student status - suspension or expulsion
  • Employee status - suspension or termination
  • Financial status - payment for results of false alarm
  • Criminal action - as determined by appropriate court processes

Notification of Planned Elevator Service Interruptions

Periodically, elevators must be shut down to perform preventative maintenance. This ensures the safety of campus elevators and reduces down time during unscheduled failures. Facilities Management will make a reasonable effort to schedule shut downs at a time when the impact to the University is at a minimum.

  1. The contractor will request an elevator shutdown with Facilities Management.
  2. Facilities Management will schedule the elevator shut down with input from the building proctor and the Office of Resources for Disabled Students.
  3. Facilities Management will send ELEVATOR SHUT DOWN notices to building proctors, Office of Resources for Disabled Students, CSU Police Department, Environmental Health Services, etc.
  4. Building proctors and Office of Resources for Disabled Students will notify all internal, pertinent parties.

Notification of Unplanned Elevator Service Interruptions due to Failure

As with all mechanical equipment, failures can occur at any time. Upon receipt of an elevator failure call, Facilities Management Dispatch Office, or Housing, or CSU Police Department will notify the elevator contractor, Office of Resources for Disabled Students, and will post an “out of service” sign. Facilities Management will also notify the building proctor when failures occur during business hours.


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