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Policy Title: Animal Acquisitions Category: Research
Owner: Vice President for Research Policy ID#: 7-2001-001
Vice President for Research
Web: https://vprnet.research.colostate.edu/vpr/
Email: vpr_research_information@Mail.Colostate.edu
Phone: (970) 491-7194
Original Effective Date: 8/23/2010
Last Major Revision: 7/27/2015
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Acquisition of animals to be used for teaching, testing or research at Colorado State University is subject to approval from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is required prior to acquisition of animals unless the purchase is made from CSU Laboratory Animal Research (LAR). Animals acquired by or for the use of CSU or its departments are subject to the policies referenced below.

For further information, contact the University Veterinarian at (970) 491-5668.


Before animals can be lawfully acquired by individuals at Colorado State University for teaching or research, they must have an IACUC approved protocol or secure equivalent approval. LAR is the primary agent for acquiring laboratory animals. Procurement and Contracting Services (491-5105) “Livestock Specialists” are authorized to acquire livestock on behalf of Colorado State University. In addition, some investigators acquire animals directly when they perform research on client-owned animals, accept donated animals or trap animals during field studies. Regardless of the method of acquisition requisite approvals should be in place before animals are acquired. Details of the institutional policy on animal acquisition (Purchasing Animals at CSU) can be found at IACUC Policies and Guidelines

Procurement and Contracting Services in collaboration with the Vice President for Research initiated a streamlined purchasing process for acquisition animals through Kuali Financial System.

For more information about the system send an email to bfs kuali implementation@mail.colostate.edu. The process is designed to facilitate tracking animals acquired by investigators. Investigators who acquire their own animals should work with the University Veterinarian or LAR to use Granite as a mechanism to track their animal usage for more accurate reporting to the federal government and accrediting agencies. Tracking animal usage is a federal requirement. For training or more information about this methodology, please contact RICRO (491-1553), LAR (491-7364), University Veterinarian (491-7184 or 491-5668), or Procurement and Contracting Services (491-5105).

LAR processes routine animal orders through Granite. To obtain access to Granite or receive training to use the system contact LAR at 491-1766. LAR typically orders animals from vendors on Thursdays and Fridays, and animal deliveries are made on Mondays. LAR currently requests a two week lead time between animal order and delivery for routine orders. Special strains and less commonly used species often require additional advance notice. LAR can assist with identification of vendors and logistical concerns (491-0896). Orders from non-approved vendors require approval of the Clinical Veterinarian (491-3288 or 491-1048) and often involve a quarantine period of up to 8 weeks. LAR Technical Services manages animals in quarantine and also assist with arranging shipment of animals to other institutions (491-1048).


Policy on Purchasing Animals at CSU

Guidelines on the Acquisition of Livestock used for Biomedical Research, Testing or Teaching

Research Integrity and Compliance Revue

FORM: Sale of Livestock to CSU for Research or Teaching


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