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Policy Title: Animal Adoptions Category: Research
Owner: Vice President for Research Policy ID#: 7-2001-002
Vice President for Research
Web: https://vprnet.research.colostate.edu/vpr/
Email: vpr_research_information@Mail.Colostate.edu
Phone: (970) 491-7194
Original Effective Date: 3/17/2009
Last Major Revision: 12/15/2014
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Colorado State University supports the adoption of animals whenever feasible as a positive alternative to euthanasia. This policy outlines some considerations that need to be paid to the adoption process and tools that are available to assist investigators in formalizing an effective adoption practice.


An animal used in research, testing, or teaching may be adopted (adoptee) as a companion animal provided that the animal is in good health, has an expectation for a normal quality of life, and has a suitable temperament. The individual adopting the animal (adopter) must be able to provide for the animal once it leaves CSU and will assume full responsibility for the animal.


While the lACUC reviews and approves intent for adoption with the protocol application, they have delegated the management of such activities to Laboratory Animal Resources (LAR). An investigator is required to either use LAR services, per diems and fees as scheduled. or get approval of their own adoption program from LAR administration.

If LAR considers an animal unsuitable for adoption and the investigator disagrees with the determination, they can appeal the matter through the IACUC and/or the Institutional Official.

A release of liability must be signed by the adopter prior to the animals being released.



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