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Policy Title: Graduate Student Mandatory Health Ins Category: Student Affairs
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Graduate School
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Original Effective Date: 8/30/2011
Last Major Revision: 11/13/2014
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Colorado State University has a strong commitment toward graduate student growth and the development of individual responsibility. To further this goal, the University embraces the rationale that catastrophic financial risks--those that may impact a student’s ability to complete his or her graduate studies while attending the University--should be minimized. To this end, the University embraces a policy of mandatory demonstrated health insurance, requiring that all full-fee paying, resident instruction graduate students be covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan. Graduate students will be enrolled in the University’s health program, which will provide an insurance plan designed to meet most graduate students’ needs, or they may elect comparable coverage under their own insurance or through another employer.


This policy applies to all CSU Resident Instruction Graduate Students.


Students may request an exemption, or waiver, to opt out of the CSU health insurance plan by demonstrating that they have health insurance coverage at a comparable level.


Comparable Health Insurance Coverage: a health insurance plan obtained by a Graduate Student, other than the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan, that meets both the minimum coverage levels provided by CSU Student Health Insurance and the mandatory requirements specified by Colorado law for certain mandated coverage for group insurance plans.

Graduate Student: a full-fee paying resident-instruction graduate student enrolled in 6 credits or more.


It is the policy of Colorado State University that all full-fee paying resident-instruction graduate students enrolled in 6 credits or more are required to enroll in the CSU student health insurance plan or to receive a waiver by demonstrating comparable health insurance.

This policy does not impact the current policy of the University that requires all international students, regardless of enrollment status, to demonstrate comprehensive health insurance coverage through either the University health insurance plan or a comparable plan.


  1.  Responsibilities of the University, Graduate School, and Departments:

  1. To communicate the insurance requirement as University policy and to assist students in
  2. the calculation of insurance costs as part of the overall cost of attendance.

  2.  Responsibilities of Graduate Students:

  1. All Graduate Students, as defined in section 4 above, are required to enroll in the CSU student health insurance plan or to opt out by demonstrating health insurance coverage at a comparable level.
  2. The Graduate Student who desires to opt out of the CSU student health insurance plan is responsible for reviewing and following the CSU Health Network’s procedures, filing the provided forms, and meeting all applicable deadlines with respect to such waiver requests. The CSU Health Network may be contacted as indicated in section 8 of this Policy.

  3.  Responsibilities of the CSU Health Network:

  1. The CSU Health Network will be responsible for maintaining the CSU Graduate Health Insurance Plan, reviewing and making determinations on all waiver requests, and for implementing and periodically updating this Policy.

  4.  Waivers and Appeals

A Graduate Student may request a waiver by completing the required form(s) and submitting them, along with a copy of their current insurance policy and enrollment card/proof of enrollment, to the Student Insurance Office at the CSU Health Network by the specified deadline for the academic year. Current deadlines and contact information for the Student Insurance Office (SIO) are shown on the SIO’s website, linked below.

  1. The waiver request must demonstrate that the Graduate Student has obtained Comparable Health Insurance Coverage as described in this Policy. Minimum coverage requirements are subject to change at any time.
  2. The waiver request will be reviewed, and the waiver will be granted or denied, by the CSU Health Network within ten business days after receipt of all required waiver request information by the SIO.
  3. If the waiver request is denied and the Graduate Student believes that the decision is wrong, the Graduate Student may appeal the decision to the Insurance Appeal Committee, whose decision shall be final and unappealable. The Student Insurance Appeal Form is also available on the SIO web page as linked below.
  4. Further procedures and forms pertaining to this Policy will be provided by the CSU Health Network.


  • R.S. §23-5-106(b) (as amended 2007)
  • Board of Governors’ Resolution dated Feb.6, 2008, Approval of a Mandatory Health Insurance Coverage Policy for Graduate Students at Colorado State University Fort Collins for FY09
  • Health Insurance Questions: If you have questions regarding the CSU health insurance including waiver requests, appeals, and the related forms, please contact the Student Insurance Office at the CSU Health Network at 970-491-2457.
  • Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page of the CSU Health Network website.
  • You may also find the Request for Waiver Form, the Appeals Form, and check to see if your current insurance coverage is at the comparable level to the CSU health insurance on the International & Graduate Student Insurance page of the CSU Health Network website.
  • If you have an assistantship, visit the Assistantship Health Contribution



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