CSU Policy: Student Family Information Access

Policy Title: Student Family Information Access Category: Student Affairs
Owner: Vice President for Student Affairs Policy ID#: 8-8004-011
Dean of Students
Web: http://www.studentaffairs.colostate.edu/
Email: vpsa@colostate.edu
Phone: (970) 491-5312
Original Effective Date: 9/21/2012
Last Major Revision: 12/3/2014
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Students have a reasonable expectation that their parent/family contact information is non-public information in the University’s records, and that it will be used or disclosed by the University only for necessary and appropriate purposes. Such information is protected under FERPA and in accordance with the University’s FERPA Policy. The purpose of this policy is to further limit and control internal access to students’ parent/family contact information and to codify the procedure by which the Vice President for Student Affairs’ (VPSA’s) office reviews requests before access to a student’s information is granted.


This policy applies to all campus units and persons requesting access to a student’s parent or family contact information.


In order to protect student privacy, and in compliance with applicable laws and policies, access to students’ parent/family members’ contact information is restricted to those within the campus community who have a legitimate educational interest in such information. Because this category of information is rarely to be legitimately required by anyone outside of the VPSA office, stricter controls on access are warranted. Faculty and staff, including Student Affairs staff members, requiring access to this type of information must contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs to establish the scope and conditions of access. In an emergency, certain Student Affairs offices have access to obtain individual students’ family member contact information as necessary in the best interests of the student.


  1. To obtain parent/family contact information for non-emergency and non-development purposes, all requests must go through the Dean of Students for review and approval.
  1. To obtain parent/family contact information for development purposes, all requests must go through the Director of Development for Student Affairs for review and consultation with the Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Affairs for approval. Approval for solicitation of first year students’ parents and families must be given by the Vice President for Student Affairs and Vice President for Advancement.
  1. University personnel who wish to mail or email students’ parents/families must send their request to the Dean of Students with a copy of the specific mailing for review.
  1. After review and consideration, the Dean of Students will forward request to the Student Information Systems (SIS) staff to compile the file of requested names/addresses for the purpose of the requested mailing. Recurrent use of the address file will not be permitted except as authorized by the Dean of Students.
  2. SIS will provide a list/file to be utilized by on-campus mailing/emailing personnel. Files of students’ parents/families’ addresses will not be shared with third party vendors. Mailings must go through CSU Mailing Services; any exceptions must be reviewed and approved by the Dean of Students in consultation with the Vice President for the unit requesting the exception.
  1. Utilization of parent/family contact information for mass communication purposes (for example, Alumni Relations event information, college-specific updates) must be approved by the Dean of Students. All such requests shall be routed by the requesting unit to the Dean of Students, with copies of the communication.


Failure to comply with this policy may result in denial of access to information and/or disciplinary action in accordance with applicable University policies and procedures. Assistance with compliance will be provided by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.


Colorado State University FERPA Policy



 By:          Original signature on file                                                                         

Amy L. Parsons

Vice President for University Operations

 Date: /signed/ by Amy L. Parsons, September 21, 2012               


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