CSU Policy: Educational Business Activities (Competition with Private Enterprise)

Policy Title: Educational Business Activities (Competition with Private Enterprise) Category: Finance
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Original Effective Date: 9/6/2013
Last Major Revision: 11/10/2014
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The purpose of this policy is to describe the legitimate purposes under which University sales of goods and services may be conducted and to provide certain guidelines under which such activities may be carried out.


1.      Any College or Department that is engaging in sales to the campus community or sales to the external community shall assure that:

  • The provision of the goods and services is substantially related to the University's instruction, research or public service mission, or
  • The provision of the goods or services supports and is necessary or convenient for the campus community, including invited guests, or facilitates the extracurricular, public service, or residential life of the campus community.

2.      If the activity meets either of the above criteria the following restrictive guidelines are imposed:

  • The price or fee for the goods or services must be established at a sufficient level to reflect the direct and indirect costs and overhead costs of providing such goods or services.
  • Advertising to the general public is prohibited.
  • Any promotion is to be directed only to the campus community, without mention of the general public, and shall not make comparisons with off-campus business establishments or prices.

3.      Further information and requirements for Educational Business Activities are contained in the Financial Procedure Instructions manual, FPI 2-2.


C.R.S. §24-113-104

CSU Financial Rules, Rule 2.24


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