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Policy Title: Signature Delegations & Contracts Category: Administration
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Original Effective Date: 10/24/2013
Last Major Revision: 7/24/2015
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By statute, the Board of Governors of the Colorado State University System has authority to enter into contracts and agreements, purchase and sell real and personal property and interests therein, make and implement personnel decisions, and generally to control the funds and expenditures of the University.

Certain individuals are have been delegated with authority to sign contracts, Memoranda of Understandings, and other legally binding agreements on behalf of the University. Any University employee who permits use of University resources by a non-University entity, or who signs a contract committing University resources, risks personal liability and/or institutional sanctions.


The Board has delegated to the President of Colorado State University the authority to “approve and execute all contracts, agreements, grants, warrants, and other binding legal instruments presented in the name of the Board for the State of Colorado, which are either:

  1. expressly approved by resolution of the Board, or;
  2. usual, necessary, and appropriate to the normal operation of the institution and, within the budgeted expenditures as approved by the Board. The Institution Presidents may, in writing, authorize other administrators to negotiate and execute instruments so long as such authorization is limited to instruments which are usual, necessary and appropriate to the normal operations of the institution, and within the budgeted expenditures for the institution.” (State Board of Agriculture resolution dated December 8, 1987).

The President has in turn sub-delegated specific authority for certain types of contracts, agreements and instruments, as set forth in the Delegated Contract Signature Authority memorandum (also referred to as the “contract signature delegation chart”) linked below. These sub-delegations were approved by the President on December 6, 2010, and supersede all prior signature delegations. CSU Contracting Services is authorized to modify the signature delegation chart as required by Board resolution, further delegations by the President, or further sub-delegations by authorized Vice Presidents. The full memorandum approved by the President, along with the Signature Delegation chart, is accessible on the Contracting Services website.

In addition, the President has delegated certain Personnel Powers as authorized by the Board, authority to sign worker's compensation settlements, and authority to execute real estate transactions. For information regarding those delegations, contact Contracting Services.


For contract matters: Contracting Services: (970) 491-6166

For personnel matters: Human Resources: (970) 491-5793

For other instruments: Business and Financial Services: (970) 491-6023

For settlements and all other matters relating to authority to act: Office of the General Counsel: (970) 491-6270


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Delegated Contract Signature Authority

Controller’s Delegated Contract Signature Authority

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Approved by SBA December 9, 1987; Revision approved by SBA June 29, 1990; Revision approval by Tony Frank, October 24, 2013


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