CSU Policy: Access to Students' Cell Phone Numbers

Policy Title: Access to Students' Cell Phone Numbers Category: Admissions and Enrollment
Owner: Vice President for Enrollment and Access Policy ID#: 10-1063-003
Vice President for Enrollment and Access
Web: http://vpea.colostate.edu/
Email: vpea@colostate.edu
Phone: (970) 491-2682
Original Effective Date: 4/11/2014
Last Major Revision: 1/6/2015
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The purpose of this Policy is to help improve student success and retention by allowing certain University offices and advisors to access a student’s cell phone number (as provided by the student) in order to assist them in reaching students with critical information relating to registration, advising, enrollment and similar issues. The offices of Vice President for Enrollment and Access (VPEA) and constituent departments (Registrar’s Office, Student Financial Services), the Graduate School, the Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA) (or designee), and faculty/staff who are assigned in Banner as academic advisors will use the information to make direct contact for purposes such as targeted calling regarding specific actions a student needs to take for continued enrollment and retention purposes. It will not be used for marketing or for dissemination of general information to the entire student body.


This policy applies to all students who provide a cell phone number (or similar contact information) to the university (typically, during the registration process) and all CSU employees and agents seeking access to student cell phone numbers in the university’s systems.


None; students who do not wish to provide a cell phone number are not required to do so.


  1. During admissions, enrollment and registration processes, and at any time via RamWeb, students will be given the opportunity to provide contact information including cell phone number, and will be advised that the University may use the information to contact the student for limited purposes relating to enrollment, registration, advising, graduation requirements, financial aid, and any other matter determined by the VPEA or VPSA to be of importance to a student’s success, graduation, or retention. Advisors assigned in Banner will likewise have access to the information for advising purposes.
  2. While methods of collecting contact information may change from time to time, in general the approach taken will be to permit a student to “opt out” of providing such information (and, due to systems limitations and efficiencies, such opt-out may be presented as an “all or nothing” proposition--i.e., opting out is for all purposes described in this policy).
  3. A student who has provided contact information including a cell phone number may withdraw permission for it to be used for these purposes at any time. Procedures for withdrawing permission will be specified by the VPEA.


A university employee who grants or obtains access to protected student information or engages in unauthorized use of such information may be subject to disciplinary measures in accordance with University policies.


Approved by Anthony A. Frank, President, on April 11, 2014


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