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Policy Title: Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) Category: Administration
Owner: Board of Governors of the CSU System Policy ID#: 5-0006-005
Office of General Counsel
Web: http://csusystem.edu/general-counsel
Phone: (970) 491-6270
Original Effective Date: 2/6/2006


Under the Colorado Open Records Act, known as CORA (C.R.S. 24-72-200.1, et seq.), records of state institutions of higher education are generally open for public inspection, except as otherwise provided.


CORA provides that inspection of certain records may be denied in appropriate circumstances, and inspection of some records (such as personnel files) must be denied to persons other than the person to whom they pertain. Where inspection is permitted, such records may also be copied, provided that the University may impose copying plus cost of manipulating data if that is required.

Requests for disclosure of records received by CSU must be handled expeditiously by a person knowledgeable about the records and about proper procedures under CORA. Different types of records are maintained in different areas at CSU and for each type, there is a designated records custodian. Since a disclosure request may be quite informal, and may require both sensitive handling and an immediate response, it is imperative that all such requests be forwarded to the responsible records custodian and the Office of the General Counsel as soon as received.

For more information see the CSU System Policy referenced below.


CSUS Board of Governors Policy on Open Records

Academic Faculty and Admin Professional Manual Section I.1 - Open Records


Approved: February 6, 2006

Revision 2.00 5/5/2010 Approved by: Office of General Counsel