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Policy Title: Waste Diversion (Recycling, Composting, and Reuse) and Trash Management Category: Administration
Owner: Vice President for University Operations Policy ID#: 5-6030-005
Facilities Management-Dispatch
Web: https://www.fm.colostate.edu/
Email: fac_pg_shared_dispatch@mail.colostate.edu
Phone: (970) 491-0077
Last Revision: 8/4/2019


The University strongly encourages active support of waste diversion programs (i.e. recycling, composting, and reuse programs) and encourages all departments to review and revise their processes and procedures to enhance waste diversion programs. The University also values the safety of students, employees, and visitors to campus and therefore regulates the disposal of trash, recyclables, and compostables.


Viable waste diversion programs conserve energy and natural resources, reduce the impact on the local landfill, reduce operating costs of trash collection and disposal, and provide a role model for CSU students.

Pickup and disposal of trash, recyclables, and compostables is carried out by Facilities Management or a CSU contracted provider. Dumpsters and other receptacles and items placed in them can create hazards for anyone sorting through, picking up, or moving these items. In addition, unauthorized dumping in these receptacles can create chemical and biohazards, violation of landfill requirements, and unnecessary expense to the University. Therefore, the University has a policy against unauthorized access to and use of its trash, recycling, and composting facilities and equipment.


1. Use of Dumpster Containers

Dumpster containers are used to accumulate trash. The dumpsters are to be used only for trash resulting from University business. Use of the dumpster containers for "private" garbage and trash is prohibited and will be enforced by the CSU Police Department.

Items placed in or near dumpsters and other trash receptacles or recycling bins remain the property of the University and are not to be considered abandoned or available for private use. Sorting through dumpsters or trash or recycle bins and removing items is strictly prohibited.

Items that can be recycled and/or reused are prohibited from campus dumpsters and should be placed in the appropriate recycle bin, given to Surplus Property if University property, or donated if personal property. Per Fort Collins Ordinance No. 024, 2007, Municipal Code section 12-22(a), no electronic equipment/e-waste can be placed in public or private refuse containers within the City. These materials need to be appropriately recycled through Surplus Property if University property or a local vendor if personal property.

Violators of this policy will be subject to warning, disciplinary action, fine, or prosecution, as appropriate.

2.  Recyclable and Compostable Materials

Facilities Management is the designated recycling and composting provider for the University. All recyclable and compostable materials are University resources. Recyclable and compostable materials will not be declared to be surplus without written authorization from Facilities Management.

3.  Surplus/Reusable Materials

Per section 4.8 of the Colorado State University Financial Rules, Surplus Property has been delegated the authority and responsibility for administering the disposal of University property other than land or buildings. Departments must send University property to Surplus Property, including reusable items and all equipment and electronics (regardless of whether it is reusable or is e-waste that needs to be recycled). No department or individual should make or authorize any sale, trade-in, or donation without prior approval of Surplus Property.

During campus Move Out, Housing & Dining Services provides approved donation stations to collect reusable personal property from students to benefit local non-profit agencies.


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