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Policy Title: Temporary Signs, Posters, and Banners Category: Administration
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Original Effective Date: 12/8/1994
Last Revision: 9/7/2016
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This policy is intended to preserve the visual integrity of campus by providing a framework for planning and displaying temporary posters, signs and banners to ensure their usefulness and effectiveness to campus, while minimizing visual clutter.


These guidelines and requirements are effective for all University Campus areas, including main campus, South Campus, Foothills, Hughes Stadium, East Remington, and outlying areas.


Signs, posters, banners and similar items are useful tools for communicating with the campus community, but also have the tendency to be overused, create clutter that detracts from both the appearance of the campus and the effectiveness of the items themselves, and result in litter and outdated materials that are expensive to remove. In order to prevent this, CSU will enforce limits on duration of the display and requirements for removal to ensure banners and other postings are not left up for extended periods after an event is over. In addition, commercial advertising, sales and solicitations on campus are limited under other policies (see References below). CSU has an obligation to manage access to the areas and surfaces used to post banners, posters, signs and flyers on University property. This policy provides guidance on what may be posted, where items may be posted, and who is responsible for the posted items. Posted materials that fail to comply with this policy may be removed, and the expense associated with removal will be charged to the responsible department, business unit, student organization or individuals.


Approval for Posting on Campus

Authority to approve a posting on campus varies depending on the desired location of posting. Contact the following offices for assistance and approval:

RESIDENCE HALLS: Housing and Dining Services Residence Life, Room 111 Palmer Center, 491-6511.

LORY STUDENT CENTER and PLAZA: Lory Student Center, Information Desk, 491-6444.


  • Communications and Creative Services shall approve interior postings prior to fabrication/installation and can provide design assistance, 491-2359
  • Facilities Management can recommend preferred materials and methods of posting for interior postings, 491-0331 or 491-0077.

ACADEMIC / ADMINISTRATIVE BUILDINGS, EXTERIOR POSTINGS: Comply with the information below and contact the following for more details:

  • Communications and Creative Services and the Facilities Management Landscape Architecture Group both need to review and approve temporary exterior signs prior to fabrication and installation. Both organizations can provide design assistance. Contact either organization for preliminary approval and the request will be forwarded to the other organization for final approval. Communications and Creative Services, 491-2359. Facilities Management Landscape Architecture Group, 491-0155.

Posting Requirements

For all postings inside academic or administrative buildings, or outdoors, the following requirements apply:

  1. Postings must be sponsored by an official University business unit (college, department, center, institute, etc.) or a recognized student organization, for the primary benefit of the University and the sponsoring department or organization. Posted materials that are primarily commercial in nature will not be permitted. Logos and sponsor logos may not exceed 25% of the poster space, the other 75% should be devoted to messaging.
  2. Posted items must carry the name of the sponsoring group. If posters are provided by an outside entity, its logo may be no larger than the University logo and any CSU sponsoring entity marks.
  3. Posted items promoting University events and/or entities must conform to CSU Graphic Standards. Visit http://www.graphicstandards.colostate.edu for CSU Communicator’s Toolbox, which outlines standards. Registered student organizations are exempt from graphic standards except when using the CSU logo or Ram’s Head mark. 
  4. The posted item must display an expiration date (usually the event date); and be removed within three (3) days after the expiration date, except banners and signs with non-event information; if the posted item is not related to a specific event, the maximum time a banner or exterior temporary sign can be posted is 10 days.

Removal of Postings

Facilities Management will remove any materials posted in unapproved areas, not removed within three (3) days after the expiration date, or posted by other than official University agencies or recognized student organizations. Facilities Management may also bill the posting agency, department or person for the cost of removal and any damages caused by the unauthorized posting.

Posting Locations:

Temporary signs, posters, flyers, notices, and similar materials may be posted only in designated areas of campus, as follows.  Locations must be approved prior to fabrication and installation.


  • All items posted inside academic and administrative buildings must be posted on bulletin boards. Posting on windows, doors, walls, etc. is prohibited. Items posted on departmental bulletin boards must be pre-approved by the department.  
  • All items posted inside residential buildings and the Lory Student Center must abide by guidelines for those locations.


  • Temporary posters, flyers, notices and similar materials: The only outdoor areas approved for these types of postings are the poster frames and bulletin boards on the Clark Building's exterior walls and columns. All other postings, including chalk markings on walls, will be removed and the cost for removal may be billed to the posting agency or individual. Use only masking tape. Other types of tape are difficult to remove.
  • Temporary Exterior Signs: Locations must be reviewed and approved by Facilities Management Landscape Architecture Group PRIOR to fabrication and installation. This Facilities Management group shall review any existing signage and other site considerations to avoid creating sign clutter.
  • Banners: See information below for approved banner locations

Changes to Exterior Temporary Sign Locations or Sign Standards

Any changes to campus-wide banner and/or temporary signage locations shall be forwarded to the Physical Development Committee for approval.

Additional Information and Requirements for Temporary Banners

Temporary banners are considered a cost-effective, temporary way to promote campus events, programs and campaigns.

  1. These banners, which are posted on campus assets such as light poles, buildings, and other locations, must be pre-approved for campus visual/physical standards prior to fabrication and installation.
  2. Hanging banners, signs and ribbons on trees is not permitted.
  3. Content should conform to University Graphic Standards and feature messages that benefit a broad general campus population.
  4. Sponsor is responsible for all costs associated with production, installation, removal and storage of banners.
  5. Installation and removal of banners must be performed by Facilities Management or a University- approved vendor AFTER location approval from the Facilities Management Landscape Architecture Group. Contact Facilities Management Outdoor Services to coordinate installation and removal, 491-0077. Campus business units other than Facilities Management are prohibited from hiring a contractor to hang or remove banners.
  6. Facilities Management will remove all unapproved or damaged banners and mounting equipment. The Posting agency, departments, or individuals may be charged removal costs or costs to repair damages caused by unauthorized or improperly installed banners.
  7. All banner locations must be pre-approved by the Facilities Management Landscape Architecture Group. Hanging banners from buildings is rarely permitted and requires special consideration and approval.
  8. Specific blocks of light poles throughout campus have been designated as approved locations for light pole banners. Light poles are approved for single banner placement only (one banner per pole). To avoid a patched together look, solitary light pole banners are not allowed. Rather, entire blocks must have the same banner or have a unified visual theme.
  9. Banners may be placed no more than 10 days prior to the event.
  10. Banners must be removed within 24 hours after the event.
  11. Banners without a specific event date have a 10-day limit. Signs placed permanently, or beyond the 10-day limit must be pre-approved by the and Facilities Management Landscape Architecture Group Once the banner is removed, it may not be reposted for at least 30 days.
  12. Banner content and graphics must be approved by Communications and Creative Services and must conform to Colorado State University Graphic Standards. Visit www.graphicstandards.colostate.edu for CSU Communicator’s Toolbox, which outlines standards.
  13. Banners displaying University logo must be produced by licensed vendors.

Banner content must be University event-related. Commercial advertising or sponsorship promotions are limited to 25% of available space (see item 1 above in Posting Requirements) and must have approval from Communications and Creative Services if exceeding this requirement.


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This revision 1.02 approved September 7, 2016 by Lynn Johnson, Vice President for University Operations

Revision 1.01 approved November 17, 2014

Approved December 8, 1994


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