CSU Policy: Vehicle Access, Core Campus

Policy Title: Vehicle Access, Core Campus Category: Administration
Owner: Vice President for University Operations Policy ID#: 5-6030-010
Facilities Management
Web: http://www.fm.colostate.edu/
Email: fac_pg_shared_dispatch@mail.colostate.edu
Phone: (970) 491-0099
Original Effective Date: 6/1/2011
Last Major Revision: 12/4/2014
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Motor vehicle use in the core area shall be restricted to provide a safe, pedestrian friendly, aesthetic environment.


The campus core includes these buildings: Engineering, Physics, Forestry, Wagar, Glover, Natural Resources, Lory Student Center, Clark A-B-C wings, Morgan Library, and Behavioral Science Building. The campus core will expand further south on Centre Avenue.

Vehicle use shall be limited to authorized vehicles in this core area. Authorized vehicle use is discouraged whenever possible. Access will be done during off peak hours when possible, and specifically not during class change times 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Vehicles in the core area at class change will remain parked until it is safe to move. Vehicles are not permitted to drive on landscaped or turf areas unless authorized or in the event of an emergency. All parking regulations apply in the campus core area. PEDESTRIANS SHALL HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY ON ALL PLAZA AREAS AT ALL TIMES.


1.  Authorized vehicles may access the campus pedestrian core by driving on the paved concrete surfaces to reach designated building delivery points using existing designated parking areas. Vehicles shall not exceed 5 MPH. Emergency vehicles may access these areas when responding to or investigating incidents. VEHICLES SHALL NOT BLOCK BUILDING AIR INTAKES, STAIRS, PEDESTRIAN WALKWAYS OR DOORWAYS.

2.  Approved delivery, vendor and contractor vehicles may access the campus pedestrian core by driving on designated paved surfaces in accordance with directives from the department or as described in their contract with the University. The contracting authority will convey access instructions to the vendor/contractor.

3.  Vehicles on display for programmed functions or special events will follow specific guidelines from Facilities Scheduling Office or as prescribed by the University office or department in charge of the event or function. Access to the Lory Student Center, Moby Arena, and Equine Center will be handled per established policies for those facilities. Driving privileges in the core area may be revoked if violations of this policy are observed. Violations include taking the right of way from pedestrians or bicycles, driving through pedestrian areas during class change, driving on areas not designated for vehicles, excessive speed, or other safety violations.

 4.  Authorized Vehicle Access Routes: Authorized vehicles may access the pedestrian core of campus as follows:

  1. Statistics and Wagar Buildings: access from the Oval west onto the Physics/Engineering Water Plaza for Physics, Natural Resources, Glover and NRRL.
  2.  Engineering Building: access from the north parking lot to all wings (freight elevators in B and D wings) from Plum Street or Laurel Street.
  3.  Plant Sciences, Natural Resources, Clark A & B wings: access from University Avenue.
  4. Morgan Library service deliveries: use the southwest corner loading dock on South Drive.
  5. Glover, Lory Student Center, Engineering A-B-C wings: access from University to Centre Avenue.
  6. Lory Student Center loading dock or north doors and elevator (NW corner): access from Plum Street.
  7. Aylesworth, Braiden Hall, Education, Eddy Building: access from Pitkin.
  8. Anatomy/Zoology, Physiology Building: access from Lake Street and south parking lot.
  9. Visual Arts, Gifford Building, MRB, and Chemistry Building: access from Meridian Street and service drive.


Failure to comply may result in issuance of a citation by CSU Police, revocation of any University-issued vehicle or parking permit, and disabling or towing of any illegally parked vehicle.


Campus Map (http://www.map.colostate.edu/)

CSU Parking Map (http://maps.colostate.edu/default.aspx?tag=15)

CSU Parking Regulations (http://parking.colostate.edu/pages/Regulations.aspx)

Pedestrian Campus


Effective 2000 Fall Semester


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